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HEC-RAS / HEC Software

HEC-RAS is a 1-dimensional hydraulic model used to simulate water levels and flow in natural and man-made channels along with over bank storage, levees, and hydraulic structures. With the recent addition of the 2-dimensional module, HEC-RAS is a more useful tool to simulate overland flow and levee breaches. Developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), HEC-RAS has been used around the country and internationally.

Dynamic Solutions, LLC staff have extensively used the 1- and 2-D versions of HEC-RAS, along with many other HEC developed software packages including:

  • HEC-ResSim
  • HEC-GeoRas
  • HEC-DSSVue

For some examples of our projects that used HEC software, please see:


Cypress Creek


For more information about HEC software, please visit the HEC Site: