Dynamic Solutions


The SWMM (Storm Water Management Model) is a dynamic hydrologic and hydraulic model capable of performing long-term continuous or single event simulations of surface runoff and subsequent hydraulic conveyance in open channel and pipe system networks. The hydraulic flow routing routine of SWMM uses a link-node representation of the storm water management system to dynamically route flows. Dynamic flow routing allows for representation of channel storage, branched or looped networks, backwater effects, free surface flow, pressure flow, entrance and exit losses, weirs, orifices, pumping facilities, rating curves, and other special hydraulic structures and links. Control rules may be assigned as input to operate the structures and pumping facilities based on timing and/or stage and flow conditions simulated within the model.

SWMM is an EPA-approved model and is powerful tool used around the country. DSLLC has used SWMM capabilities on a number of sites, including long-term simulations for wetland restoration.


For more information on SWMM, please visit the EPA SWMM site or contact us.