Dynamic Solutions

Belleville Lock and Dam

belleville2On January 6, 2005 the M/V Jon J. Strong had several barges swept into the Belleville Locks & Dam shortly after passing through the locks, moving upstream. The Belleville Locks & Dam (L&D) is located a River Mile 203.8 on the Ohio River, between the States of Ohio and West Virginia.

Dynamic Solutions, LLC (DSLLC) was contracted to conduct a hydrodynamic modeling study of the Belleville L&D. The objective of the study was to determine the two-dimensional (depth-averaged) river velocity patterns during the period leading up to and just past the time of the accident. The time varying velocity patterns for the areas above and below the dam and locks were determined. These flow patterns were then used by barge navigation experts to determine the possible cause of the accident.

The models were calibrated to two physical models that were used during the design phases of a new hydropower facility at the L&D. The 3D hydrodynamic model produced an excellent match to the physical model results.


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