Dynamic Solutions

S-65E Structure Hydrodynamics

S-65E Structure Hydrodynamics Model: Using (ADH) software, alternative spillway configurations were modeled using different flow conditions to increase the total discharge capacity.S65e-vectors
S-65E is the most downstream of several water control structure along the C-38 canal (Kissimmee River) that runs between Florida’s Lake Kissimmee and Lake Okeechobee. It is located approximately eight miles upstream of Lake Okeechobee. Recent hydrological studies have resulted in increased design storm volumes in the Kissimmee River. Consequently, additional spillway bays are needed to increase the capacity of the S-65E structure. A hydrodynamic model was developed to ascertain the effects of alternative spillway designs on the existing S-65E structure and the downstream channel and tail water weir.

A calibrated, steady state, two-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the existing conditions was developed by Dynamic Solutions using the Adaptive Hydraulics/hydrology (ADH) model software. This model was then utilized to evaluate the placement of additional spillways to increase the total discharge capacity of S-65E. Four alternative spillway configurations were modeled using three different flow conditions. This allowed to District to choose the optimal design of the spillway addition that is most easily constructed yet will not have adverse effects to the existing infrastructure.


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