Dynamic Solutions

Coastal Resiliency / Sea Level Rise


Sea level rise presents an enormous challenge to communities throughout the country.  The USACE and IPCC estimate that in fifty years sea level rise could be greater than two feet.  Coastal storms are also becoming stronger.  However, the effects of sea level rise and coastal storms will not be the same everywhere.  Location, local geography, and infrastructure can make a large difference in the effects from place to place.  Sound long-term community planning requires understanding what these changes mean to your community.  Sound science is required to understand what the future holds and to create a resilient community.

Dynamic Solutions can perform sea level rise and coastal storm flooding analyses.  We can then use state-of-the-art models to test the effects of infrastructure improvements, natural and engineered, on storm damage reduction.  These models help managers visualize effects and optimize solutions to economically create a more resilient community.