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Sedimentation Engineering

Sedimentation Engineering Services: At DSLLC, our sedimentation engineering approach is to assess sediment issues and identify optimum solution to ensure a timely solution to our client’s problem.Sediment is a resource, and either too much of it or too little of it causes problems. Excess sediment clogs channels and smothers biota, but insufficient sediment starves marshes and erodes shorelines. Our sedimentation engineering approach is to employ extensive knowledge of physical processes with state-of-the-art numerical models as needed to assess sediment issues and identify optimum solutions.

Sediment challenges may be solved by structural or non-structural approaches.

Structural approaches include:

  • Armoring
  • Training Structures
  • Diversions and many others

Non-structural solutions include:

  • Stable Channel Design
  • Dredging and Placement
  • and Timing of Flow Releases, among others

Total solutions may include multiple elements contributing to an overall regional sediment management plan, including those that work with nature – using natural processes to create sustainable, problem-free environments.

Dynamic Solutions uses a structured assessment approach to sediment problems, first defining the problem, the site, and the constraints. For example, non-cohesive sands require a different approach than fine, cohesive sediments and mixtures. We then develop a set of objectives and a list of questions that must be answered before we consider what tools to employ. Our toolkit includes field observations and analyses, simple spreadsheet calculations, and simple to complex numerical models, all applied in a tiered approach that meets budget constraints and ensures a timely, quality solution to our client’s problem.

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