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Composite Risk Assessment


This course introduces Composite Risk Assessment, including probability of occurrence and consequence analyses; how to construct CRA matrices and how to use them in managing risk. It draws upon DoD and EPA risk assessment approaches, comparing them with National Research Council and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. Examples are worked through to illustrate the principles and make the learning concrete.


Participants will:

  • Learn standard terminology in risk assessment
  • Gain a working knowledge of Composite Risk Assessment application
  • Understand the differences in agencies and organizations treatment of risk
  • Learn techniques for explaining risk to clients and the public


The course will be useful to those engaged in public works projects such as flood and storm damage reduction and environmental restoration and who must deal with, and explain uncertainty of benefits and costs.


  • Bring a new level of risk assessment skills to your organization
  • Correctly use terms such as: uncertainty, probability of an event, probability of adverse consequences, consequences, risk, Composite Risk, risk assessment, risk management
  • Improve your value to the organization with risk assessment skills
  • Earn PDH


  1. What is risk and how do we quantify it?
  2. How is risk used to make decisions?
  3. Probability concepts review
  4. Composite Risk Assessment
  5. Composite Risk Management
  6. Explaining Risk


LENGTH: 8 hours


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