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Fine Sediment Processes


This course covers fine sediment processes in transport, deposition, and erosion by water. Fluid-particle interactions, flocculation processes in clay sediments, lutocline formations and fluid mud, bed formation and erosion processes are covered from an engineer’s perspective.

Completion will enable participants to:

  • Describe the primary processes affecting fine sediment behavior
  • Understand the equations used to calculate fine sediment transport rates and bed changes
  • Identify the principal causes of typical fine sedimentation problems in waterways and their potential remedies.


The course will be useful to engineers, scientists, and technicians working in water resources engineering who need to understand how fine sediment processes affect projects. It will be most helpful to those who have a basic understanding of open channel hydraulics (An optional open channel review is available for those who need it.) and completed the short course “Sedimentation Engineering” or its equivalent.


  • Gain valuable knowledge on fine sediments processes for your organization.
  • Increase your worth to the organization with new skills to manage fine sediment problems.
  • Avoid the trap of “all sediment behaves the same.”
  • Extend your existing sedimentation expertise to new geographic areas, such as estuaries, wetlands, and reservoirs, where fine sediments dominate.
  • Earn PDH.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fine Sediment Classification
  3. Flocculation and flocs
  4. Fine Sediment Characterization
  5. Transport
  6. Settling and Deposition
  7. Bed Formation
  8. Erosion and Entrainment
  9. Fluid Mud

LENGTH: 32 hours


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