Dynamic Solutions

Hands-On Modeling Workshops


Get started using advanced numerical modeling by a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on creation and operation of the model. Each course covers one of the following:

  • HSPF – watershed hydrology and transport
  • EFDC – EPA’s Multi-dimensional flow, sediment transport, and water quality
  • ADH – Corps’ Multi-dimensional flow, sediment transport, and water quality
  • CONCEPTS – one-dimensional river flow with bed and bank erosion
  • EFDC Explorer  – Graphical User Interface for EFDC
  • SMS – Graphical User Interface for ADH and others


Participants will:

  • Learn good modeling practice.
  • Understand the basic principles used in each model.
  • Gain insight into what makes a good model.
  • Get hands-on experience setting up, running, and trouble-shooting the model.
  • Gain ideas on how to present model results to non-modelers.


The course will be useful to those who are new to modeling or fairly experienced in other models, such as HEC-RAS, and who want to learn how to use a new model properly.


  • Gain valuable modeling know-how for your organization.
  • Increase your worth to the organization with new skills.
  • Obtain a new tool for your projects.
  • Earn PDH.


  1. Introduction to Modeling
  2. Summary of the Model
  3. Mesh Creation Hands-On
  4. Boundary Conditions Hands-On
  5. Setting Parameters Hands-On
  6. Executing the Model Hands-On
  7. Trouble-Shooting
  8. Analysis of Model Results Hands-On


LENGTH: 32 Hours


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