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Managing Modeling Projects


This course provides team leaders, supervisors, and project managers with the knowledge and skills needed to oversee numerical modeling studies of water resources projects.

Numerical models are widely used to test water resources plans and to assess the impacts of both projects and natural events on challenges such as flood and storm damage reduction, stream restoration, sediment management, and many others. A wide variety of models are used, often without adequate consideration of their relative advantages and disadvantages or a full understanding of how to use them. Graphical user interfaces make the models easier to use, but users’ knowledge of proper modeling practice hasn’t always kept pace.

Managers don’t need to be able to apply the models themselves, but they need to know if the modelers working for them are doing a good job, on budget and on time. This course helps them do that.


Participants will:

  • Understand the criteria for choosing a model and a modeler
  • Learn what to ask for in a modeling scope of work
  • Know how to recognize good and bad modeling practices
  • Learn how to ask questions about modeling project status
  • Obtain a standard QA/QC process for modeling


The course will be useful to those who manage and advise water resources projects and to contracts managers responsible for reviewing RFPS and scopes of work.


  • Successfully manage numerical modeling studies
  • Help your management and staff understand the proper use of numerical models.
  • Be able to spot time and cost problems early.
  • Help the modeler who can’t meet schedule or budget
  • Earn PDH.
  • What are models good for?
  • What are they bad at?
  • Choosing the right model and modeler
  • Good modeling practice and standards
  • QA/QC for the modeling project
  • How to measure progress
  • Using model results for insight, not answers


LENGTH: 4 Hours


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