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Navigation Engineering Challenges


This course presents many of the challenges facing Navigation Engineering practice for the next decade and considers courses of action for practitioners.  Topics include discussions of new technology tools and their integration into the navigation engineer’s toolbox, incorporation of sustainability principles, maritime security implications for design and practice, and consideration of how navigation infrastructure redesign might contribute to reducing energy demands associated with vessel movements and waterway maintenance.


Participants will:

  • Learn how navigation and navigation infrastructure are changing to become part of a global trade and marine transportation system (MTS) crucial to national economic security and defense.
  • Understand the role of maritime professionals in supporting the global MTS through navigation engineering and other emerging areas for engineering innovation to challenges of business competitiveness, infrastructure development, sustainability, security, and technology deployment.
  • Find out where to get additional information and education in maritime systems and navigation engineering.


The course will be useful to those who work in the private sector, engineers in the Corps of Engineers and other government agencies involved with navigation engineering, and also to those who advise these organizations, such as attorneys, business consultants and technologists. The discussion, though technical, involves no equations. Non-engineers can follow the material.


  • Learn how your business or agency can benefit from trends in the U.S.  Marine Transportation System.
  • Identify opportunities for navigation engineering services.
  • Help clients understand the need for professional navigation engineering services as they adopt new technologies and consider international business opportunities.
  • Earn PDH.



  1. What are the major trends facing the Marine Transportation System?
  2. What are the opportunities for navigation engineers as globalization and maritime activities connect international businesses?
  3. What are the potential impacts of climate change, sustainability concerns, security threats and energy availability/dependency on the MTS in the coming years?
  4. How can I build my expertise?

LENGTH: 4 hours


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