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Sedimentation Engineering Training Course


This course presents engineered solutions for sediment transport problems, including processes by which cohesive and non-cohesive sediments are transported in overland flow and in rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and coastlines; computation of sediment transport, deposition and erosion rates; and design solutions to sedimentation problems.


Completion will enable participants to:

  • Describe the primary morphological processes affecting engineering projects.
  • Use standard terminology to describe basic processes by which cohesive and non-cohesive sediment are eroded, transported and deposited on landscapes and in waterways.
  • Calculate sediment transport rates and bed changes and use standard software for those calculations.
  • Identify the principal causes of typical sedimentation problems in landscapes and waterways and their potential remedies.
  • Perform basic designs for projects that efficiently manage sediment.


The course will be useful to engineers, scientists, and technicians working in water resources engineering who have a basic understanding of open channel hydraulics. (An optional open channel review is available for those who need it.)


  • Gain valuable sedimentation engineering knowledge for your organization.
  • Increase your worth to the organization with new skills stemming from understanding sediment processes.
  • Identify productive new tools for your organization and projects.
  • Earn PDH.


  1. Overview of sedimentation engineering
  2. Morphological Processes that affect sediment sources and distribution
  3. Noncohesive Sediment Transport  – the physics of coarse sediment transport
  4. Cohesive sediment transport – the physics of fine sediment transport
  5. Sediment Measurements
  6. Engineered Solutions – Designs and case studies


LENGTH: 32 hours


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